Perfect Weekend Outings in New York City


Sorry for the lag in posting; I’m at the tail end of my summer break from medical school (we get a break between first and second years, but not after that), so I’ve been packing my days full of great restaurants, weekend outings, time with friends, and outdoor adventures. I’ve found so many great places to visit in Manhattan and its boroughs, and have had so much fun spending time with my friends and family. Here are some of my latest activities:

ImagePrateesh and I went to the New York Botanical Garden, which is currently featuring “Monet’s Garden,” a recreation of the gorgeous gardens of Claude Monet. I knew that Monet’s gardens were important to him, but I didn’t realize that he pretty much devoted the last 25 years of his life to renovating, building, and painting his gardens. He would paint pictures of the scenery he designed, sell the painting, and the use that money to renovate his gardens for more inspiration! 

You guys. If you live near New York and have a free afternoon, GO to this exhibit. It is completely gorgeous and so incredibly well done; everything is beautifully arranged and maintained. They even recreated a façade of Monet’s house (!), along with the “grande allée” of flowers leading up to his home and his famed lily ponds. He used to instruct a gardener to dip each and every lily pad underwater each day so that they would all glisten in the sun! Such a fun, interesting, beautiful, and romantic Sunday afternoon activity. Highly recommended!


Prateesh and I also hosted a “make your own pizza” party for our friends. Usually on Thursday nights, a group of us get together after work (or school) for dinner, with the intention of exploring new restaurants in the city. We’d discussed the idea of the making pizza at home before, and when I presented the group with 3 restaurant suggestions and the option to stay in, drink wine & beer, watch the Olympics, and make pizza, it won by a huge margin. I went to Trader Joe’s and got all of the supplies, and made a Heath Bar Cake for dessert (SO GOOD). My sister and her boyfriend were also able to attend, which was absolutely awesome and so fun, and a great way for everyone to hang out. Here are some pictures of the night!


Finally, last weekend, Prateesh and I went to a Yankees game. A few friends from Penn also had tickets, so we all took the train up together. Prateesh and I bought our tickets last minute from a friend who’s on a  pretty intense rotation & so had to work, but the seats were absolutely awesome and we managed to score a great deal on them. Check out our view of the game!

ImageObviously, I enjoyed classic baseball game food and split an order of chicken fingers and fries with Prateesh. We also split a small ice cream and fried dough. Lighter on dinner to go heavier on dessert 😉

Those are a few snapshots from the past couple of days. Hope you guys are off to a great week!



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