A Night of Exploring

Welcome to This Life of Mine! I’m starting this blog as both an outlet for my thoughts and a record of my life as a twenty-something medical student living in New York City. Join me as I strive to be the best me I can be!

Tonight, one of my med school friends took a bunch of us out to Astoria, Queens, where she grew up. Having never been to Queens, I was super excited to see what it was like, and to try one of her favorite restaurants out there!

We went to Mundo Tapas, a Turkish restaurant with international flair and lots of exciting, new-to-me dishes. Our table shared the Red Sonja to start, an appetizer made of red lentils, bulgur wheat, fresh greens, & oriental spices on green leaf lettuce and lemon. It was super delicious! We also shared the Carrot Dip, served with garlic yogurt, extra virgin olive oil, and warm pita. Yummy.


The Red Sonja!

For my main, I ordered the Spinach Ottoman Dumplings, homemade Turkish dumplings stuffed with fresh spinach, herbs, yogurt, butter, paprika, and mint sauce. They were really delicious, and something I definitely couldn’t make at home!

After dinner, we headed to a beer garden in Astoria called Studio Square, with a large outdoor sitting area, food & drink counters, and huge screens to watch the Olympics. It was the perfect venue for our group of eight to sit, drink, and talk. Because of cocktails at a speakeasy last night and the coming weekend, I chose to stick with water for the night. Still good to sit and catch up with friends, though!

I just got home and am watching the women’s all-around gymnastics final. So exciting! Goodnight!


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